Marketing Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes use of various software solutions that enable companies to redefine their marketing tactics. It lets marketers create targeted campaigns to modify their social marketing approach, gather data and information and develop data-driven insights for customers.

Marketing Cloud provides you a secure and scalable platform that helps you track and report every step of the journey of your customers by helping you interact with them via email, mobile, social media, and targeted ads.

Marketing Cloud Tools and Features

Salesforce Data Studio

Empower businesses to expand their reach and create brand new audiences.

Offer a secure environment and provide publishers with the ability to control specific data features.

Salesforce Email Studio

Send personalized emails to customers and build higher customer engagement.

Offer A/B testing of emails and evaluate the performance of emails by tracking email analytics.

Salesforce Mobile Studio

Deliver effective personalized communication by Push notifications, SMS, group messaging, etc.

Salesforce Contact Builder

Integrate customer data to get in-depth knowledge of customers’ attributes and behavior.

Salesforce DMP

Gather and analyze information from any source on a unified platform.

Generate instructions by creating valuable insights for the targeted audience.

Salesforce Journey Builder

Help marketers customize their collaboration with customers according to their real-time behavior.

Track the customers’ journey and make adjustments to the customers’ path.

UNITY Tek Systems Marketing Cloud Services

Contact management

  • Contact profiles and records
  • Data integration and migration
  • Effective data quality management program
  • Customer segmentation analysis

Campaign management

  • One-on-one advertising
  • Lead scoring and assessment
  • Lead Source Tracking
  • Robust CRM Integration

Measure Results

  •  Reports and Dashboards
  •  Standard & Custom Reports
  •  Report Delivery
  •  Web and Campaign Analytics

Manage Leads

  • Campaign Automation
  • Event Management
  • Emails
  • Web Forms

Why Choose UTS?

UNITY Tek Systems aims to drive customer success using an effective digital marketing approach and automation service to create demand generation. We offer Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation services to engage better with your customers. UNITY Tek Systems makes sure that the marketing team of your business sends personalized messages to customers based on their preference and satisfaction levels.